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Whole World Well

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 Mark and I have been helping people get healthy for well over 30 years now and found that most people either want a fast start program or a slow & steady “don’t move my cheese” program. For close on 14 years we have had our 100 days to health program for the slow and steady program and then introduced the 30 day detox about 8 years ago for the fast and furious. At the time we did not offer any support other than daily emails. Then lock down happened and unable to do live talks, we started with our weekly YouTube & Zoom sessions.  This has grown and touched thousands of peoples lives. Our hard working and dedicated Game Changers have offered the support for all these people and no cost. 


Well the time has come to reward them and others who introduce people to our programs so…. TA DA!!


We are very excited to announce  –  our new International Loyalty Rewards Program (ILRP) for all our international online courses!


This program rewards our customers when they shop online and introduce people from anywhere in the world to our online wellness programs 

No monthly personal sales are required to earn Loyalty Rewards..  this means that for the rest of your life you will receive very generous rewards for introducing people from anywhere in the world.


This will cover sales for life on the program as long as you earn at least $1000 a year from sales – which is what you will do if you introduce 2 new people to the 365 each year.


You can choose to be an International LRP Founder Member (IFM) and get even better returns.. 

To be on the top tier for life – only 100 slots available!

  • Your investment of $3000 as a founder member is for life.
  • No monthly sales or fees needed for life.
  • 365 program is available to all Founder Members who will have access for life to the 365.

The Rewards you will be paid are as follows;

What this means is that if you sign a person up and they sign a person up and they sign a person up each to purchase an online program you will be paid on all 3 levels at any time.

Money paid to you in USD – paid out with 1 week of being cleared.





30 Day Detox $97 




100 days to Health $197 




365 days to Wellness $1497 




Roughly 45%-50% of retail price in total on 3 levels.




Personally Coached Course



Natural Health & Nutrition (NHN)



Natural Health, Business and Consulting (NHBC)







The payment on all programs may change if there is a special promotion on the product. It will be within the range of the listed percentages mentioned under each section.

When there are 1000 active members (each selling at least 2 courses a year) in any 1 country we will be able to have our products produced in that country and set up a restaurant and store and the 6 level LRP program will be available on all the products.

Our goal is to reach 1 million people by 2025 and reward our LRP members handsomely so that they are able to help others reach their wellness potential as a full time occupation!

How do you enrol for the ILRP

  1. You need to sign up as an International Loyalty Rewards Founder Member at a cost of $3000..


       2. You can sign up for the 365 Days to Health for $1497



What is the difference between the 2 memberships

  • 2 x 365 programs in a year – 1 every 6 months
  • 34 x 30 days detox program that’s about 3 a month
  • 16 x 100 days programs or 1-2 a month
  • The number of 365 members is limitless and The number of courses you signup is limitless
  • The fee is $365 up to and including 20 August 2022
  • Thereafter it will be $1497

The Loyalty Rewards will only be payable from 1st September 2022 on…

Payments for sales of programs will be paid out within a week of payments clearing in the bank.

International Founder Member is a member for life – there is no other qualification other than the upfront International Founder Member fee

IFM membership is limited to 100 people only

The fee is $3,000 

All non IFM (365) members will be placed under existing members including existing 365 members, new members and those who sign up on line. This will be done on a rotational basis

All 365 Members signed up under an IFM member remains in that members group and will not be shared

The IFM members that sign up soonest will be given the existing 365 members on 1 September


Payments for sales of programs will be paid out within a week of payments clearing in the bank

The IFM members also earns the full payable commission on all 3 levels for people they sign up directly under themselves and on people that sign up under their first level they earn the income from level 1 & 2.