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Whole World Well

Health & Detox Programs

Summary of Mary-Ann Shearer’s Whole World Well programs and where to go when you are done with each. The premise of all 3 programs is to get your body to a place where it is capable of healing itself so that you can live in the sweet spot where everything works optimally, having no medical expenses due to ill health, like Mary-Ann & Mark have lived since 1986.

It’s your body that is the miracle after all.

100 Days to Health

Gradual · Fun · Easy

This program is for anyone who wants to be healthy but has no idea where to start, and wants the how and why. It is for people who are serious about strengthening their immune systems to be able to live without fear of the next disease or virus, and want to do so comfortably.

Unlike most diets and programs, this method does not take away the foods you love. Instead, it teaches you to add healthy options and activities to whatever your current lifestyle is. Slowly but surely, your body will respond with a strong desire to lessen the harmful foods and increase the healthy ones. This is the foundation of this program – to let your body do the talking and you learn to listen to it, without the calorie counting, measuring and checking that we were not designed to live by.

It focuses you on what you CAN do instead of what you cannot do.

When you register, you will receive

  • Daily emails that provide specific guidelines and inspiration,
  • A PDF copy of Mary-Ann’s book, ‘Perfect Health – The Natural Way’.
  • Have access to weekly Zoom coaching calls with Mary-Ann,
  • Over 100 recipes to add to your growing, glowing health.

 On completion of the 100 days, people often choose to continue and maintain that lifestyle by joining the ‘365 – My Year of Health’. The goal is to relax and enjoy the journey, without pressure, as your body strengthens and heals for the rest of your life. Some choose to do the30 day detox before the 365 program with awesome results.

Watch Mary-Ann’s intro to the 100 days here

Once you have completed the 100 Days to Health – you can move onto the 365 my year of health and or do the 30-days detox..

30 Days Detox

Focussed · Quick · Dramatic

This program is for the brave who want to immediately kickstart their return to health and rapid weight loss. It will help you recover from unhealthy, stressful habits and will teach you the benefits of a gluten free, WFPB lifestyle (no we won’t try and convert you to veganism, you will simply learn the power of the plant).

You should not do this detox if you are on medication and not feeling strong enough to handle the detox symptoms, or if you want to do a slower, gentler program with your family. That would be the 100 days.

Possible symptoms you may experience during a proper detox from harmful products and ingredients could include headaches, nausea, insomnia, general aches and pains, body odour, digestive discomfort, back pain in the kidney area and tiredness or irritability. These are common symptoms, and all are a very good sign that show your body is in the process of repair.

You will receive.

  • A PDF Detox booklet with clear daily instructions
  • Over 50 recipes
  • Daily support from facilitator
  • PDF copy of Perfect Weight – by Mary-Ann Shearer

At the end of the 30 Days, you can repeat the program as often as you like. Mark and Mary-Ann have lived this way (30 Day detox) for over 30 years. It contains all the, nutrition you need for vibrant health.

Watch Mary-Ann’s short video intro: 30 Days Detox

For both programs, you can either pay the full price of the coaching program and buy the book and the recipes, or you can opt for the smarter, cheaper way. This smarter route will give you access to Mary-Ann’s coaching calls, her book, her recipes and expert mentorship for FREE, all of which are far higher in value than the cost of the natural supplements.

Mary-Ann believes that we were made perfect and complete, as was the soil, the water, the plants and everything else God created. What distorts our world & our health, are factors such as stress, smoking, pollution, sitting behind our desks, teeth fillings and highly processed convenient foods. This can interfere with our natural homeostasis or balance and this is where the problems begin. 

The supplements she has chosen to help you benefit the most from the programs are all 100% natural, made from organic vegetable juices and or herbs and are farmed to the highest standards so as to reap the highest beneficial nutrient yields. She has been using and recommending them since 1991 and they work.

365 – My Year of Health

Journey · Wholeness · Community

365 a focused, fun and inspiring year of health and wholeness in every area of life. On this program you really get to grips with your wellness in every area of your life, you receive daily support from your facilitated group and weekly support from Mary-Ann for an entire year.

Mary-Ann is brutally honest about her own and her family’s journey and how they developed the tools to sail through any crisis in life with your health, your mind, your spirit and your soul intact.

You will receive.

  • 4 WFPB Themed Recipe Books
  • and cover 12 pillars of wellness.
  • and 12 body systems over the year.
  • You will also be coached through 4 detox programs a year – at season change – (with 12 options to choose from)

This 12-month program will give you the tools to have total confidence in your body and yourself to control your wellness in every area of your life for the rest of your life

All our programs provide weekly Zoom coaching support – for the length of the program only – with Mary-Ann, where you get to interact with her weekly to ask questions and share your successes and daily support from a facilitator

Once you have completed the first 2 programs and have enrolled for the 365 program you may want to become a facilitator and help make the world a better place by inviting your friends and family onto the program and supporting them in a social media group.


You may want to go on to study Nutrition and Health and become a qualified Natural Health Consultant and be able to seriously make the world a better place! Link to courses Students, consultants and Facilitators have assess to the Q&A as long as they are actively involved in helping others or studying the NHN and NHBC online courses