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30 Days Detox

30 Day Detox program

If you are desperate for change in your health and don’t have the time to play games – this is your program

What is this program about?

The 30-day detox is a fast start to help your body recover and heal from a diet and lifestyle out of balance.

Who is this for?

This program is anyone who wants a super-fast start to health and weight loss, great to help you recover from stressful eating and living habits and with fast results

What can it do for you?

This program will help you take control of your health in 30 days, including lose weight (if needed) and restore your health if you follow all the instructions. It is a program for life and perfectly balanced nutritionally. BUT be warned. If, you go back to your old way of eating the problems you had are likely to come back …


What do you get?

You get 30 days of emailed instructions, and motivations PLUS an eBook for you to see the overall plan and with plenty of easy and affordable recipes  – 30 Days detox booklet and a pdf copy of Perfect Weight PLUS weekly Zoom support for 4 weeks (all worth at least $200)

The payment for the 30-day detox is USD $30


How does it work?         

This program is designed to increase the process of healing, repair and detoxification and may lead to weight loss (even if you are underweight).  This is the body’s way of dealing with unhealthy tissue and cells.  You may experience some symptoms of detoxification these may be mild or severe depending on your dietary habits and health history. Headaches, nausea, insomnia, general aches, and pains, body odor and strange tastes in the mouth are the most common detox symptoms.  These are very good signs as it shows clearly that your body is in the process of repairing itself, which is what you want!

The program provides weekly support on Zoom and or in a private Facebook page – this all included in the ridiculous price of $30.

You will be connected by one of our facilitators to add you to the support group and assist with the purchase of the products that Mary-Ann recommends.

 You can follow on with the 365 Day – My year of health, Maintenance program for healing or if you still have persistent health issues and need personal guidance, the Personal Coached Group – which also includes the 365 program.  

This will allow healthy rebuilding of your body and can only take place when the body has dealt with all unhealthy tissue. This can take a minimum of 6 months toa maximum of 8 years depending on your health history.

Here’s an example of someone who was serious and brave and whose health improved within just 10 days!         

The question you have to ask, is ,  as one woman did, “If I knew that I was going to be in pain and have to struggle and have to spend an inordinate amount of time and money and still not be healthy and still be in pain (and lose a rib), what would I be prepared to pay to reverse the condition in 1-3 months, with no drugs, no surgery and be healthy for the rest of my life?”