Whole World Well

Whole World Well

100 Days to Health Program

This program is for anyone who wants to be healthy but has no idea where to start, and wants the how and why. It is for people who are serious about strengthening their immune systems to be able to live without fear of the next disease or virus, and want to do so comfortably.

Unlike most diets and programs, this method does not take away the foods you love. Instead, it teaches you to add healthy options and activities to whatever your current lifestyle is. Slowly but surely, your body will respond with a strong desire to reduce the un-healthy foods and increase the healthy ones.

This is the foundation of this program – to let your body do the talking and you learn to listen to it.. without the calorie counting, measuring and checking that we were not designed to live by. It focuses you on what you CAN do instead of what you cannot do.

When you register, you will receive

  • 100 daily emails that provide specific guidelines and inspiration
  • A PDF copy of Mary-Ann’s book, ‘Perfect Health – The Natural Way’.
  • Have access to weekly Zoom coaching calls with Mary-Ann
  • Be part of a Facilitator-led group
  • Over 100 recipes to add to your growing, glowing health.
PRICE: $150

On completion of the 100 days, people often choose to continue and maintain that lifestyle by joining the ‘365 – My Year of Health’. The goal is to relax and enjoy the journey, without pressure, as your body strengthens and heals for the rest of your life. Some choose to do the 30 day detox before the 365 program with awesome results!





For more info, email Claudia at info@wholeworldwell.com