Mary-Ann Shearer, Best-selling author and motivational speaker

Plagued for many years by ill health, Mary-Ann Shearer embarked on a personal quest for a common-sense approach to health and well-being. Her intensive studies into nutrition and natural lifestyle over nearly 30 years, led her to develop a simple yet highly effective program that produced unimagined levels of health and vitality. The first to benefit were her family and friends, but after several years of one on-one consultations, she wrote the book The Natural Way – A Family’s Guide to Vibrant Health (22 reprints and updated to Perfect Health the Natural Way in 2011) to help meet the growing demand for her time and knowledge.

Since then, Mary-Ann has helped many thousands of people to understand and correct their diet-related problems, thereby building a valuable database of case studies that backs her on-going research.
Mary-Ann has also published three recipe books (The Natural Way Recipe Book 1, 2 & 3) each a compilation of over 300 recipes developed during her popular cookery demonstrations.

Her books have been run-away best sellers, outperforming all other natural health titles in Southern Africa. Healthy Kids-The Natural Way was released at the end of 2001 to wide acclaim and recently updated.

Perfect Weight-The Natural Way was released in August 2003 and has had record sales to date. Take Control, written by both Mark and Mary-Ann Shearer was released in May 2005 and Perfect Health –The Natural Way was released in 2007.

Mark and Mary-Ann have produced 36, 3 hour DVD’s in which various health and lifestyle issues are discussed, awesome healthy, easy-to make food is prepared and the most amazing success stories are told.

Mary-Ann runs seminars on “Finding the Balance”, “Take Control” and “Sex, Drugs and Cinnamon rolls” – She also contributes to numerous magazines, journals and radio and TV programs on an ongoing basis.

Mary-Ann has, over the years, addressed many diverse groups of people throughout the world, from farmers’ wives in the heartland of South Africa, to professional medical people in Houston, Texas. She is in demand as a motivational speaker and regularly addresses groups at business seminars, schools, churches and various associations like the Cancer Association. She also appears frequently on national television and radio and had her own slot on national talk radio 702 for many years.

She sends out a regular free email newsletter, has a face book page under The Natural Way café, which shares photos and recipes of meals cooked daily at their Natural Way Café on Sir Lowry’s Pass Road Gordon’s Bay, South Africa.

Mary-Ann’s aim is to show that it is fun and easy to be healthy, and it is this philosophy that inspires her many projects. She and her husband Mark have developed a unique range of whole food products for the retail market. They run their business from Gordon’s Bay in the Cape.

Here are some of the Companies and Associations Mary-Ann has addressed…
– Aim South Africa, UK and USA
– Alexander Forbes (Insurance)
– APSO (Association of Personnel Service Organisations)
– Ask Afrika
– Avroy Shlain (skin care)
– Beauty for Ashes (AOG women’s conference)
– Bifsa (Building Industries Federation of South Africa)
– Behr
– Escom (Electricity Supply Commission)
– Estee Lauder (skin care)
– Essentials the Magazine
– First National Bank
– Gary Player Personal Development Texas
– General Cologne (Insurance)
– GIBS (Gordon Institute for Business)
– Hoogland Hydro
– Investec Bank
– International Church of Las Vegas
– In His Presence church – Los Angeles
– Jean Guthrie (skin care)
– Johannesburg Academy for Finishing and Etiquette
– John Deere (The tractors guys at their annual convention)
– Langdon Davis (Quantity Surveyors UK branch)
– Liberty Life (Insurance)
– Life Church (Mission Viejo, California)
– Luasa (Life Underwriters association of South Africa)
– Mensa
– Merrill Lynch S California
– Mops associations in South Africa and California (USA) (over 50 so far)
– MTN & V&A Waterfront, Women in Focus
– Multichoice
– New Life Church (Lincoln UK)
– Old Mutual Insurance
– Oprah Magazine road show South Africa
– Pam Golding Properties
– Price Waterhouse
– SA Cancer Association
– Sasol
– Siltek (IT company)
– Standard Bank
– Stanfin (Standard Bank financial services)
– Sun International
– University of Witwatersrand Step Fitness Education
– Women24.com
– Women in Touch and more…

And here are some of the comments made by attendees and institutions alike…

“Mary-Ann, your talk was fascinating and the feedback has been tremendous. I cannot thank you enough for blessing our company with your time and expertise!”
Jean Guthrie

“The enthusiasm with which your talk was received was an obvious endorsement of the success of your presentation”
Bernice Kaplan
Women in Touch

“The greatest compliment is that at the end of your talks, seldom does
anyone leave!”
Abraham Kruger
Hoogland Hydro

“Your attitude and lifestyle are truly an inspiration to
us all”
Corrien van Rensburg
Johannesburg Academy for Finishing and Etiquette

“Your topic was well handled and your approachability and manner of leading the
discussion made it easy for them to share what was in their hearts”
Mildred Fredericks
Multichoice Health Committee

“I personally work closely with Wellness Programmes as part of my work function with Discovery Health & Vitality. Your presentation portrayed a simple yet powerful message emphasizing the importance of wellness and how it can be achieved without major sacrifices and paradigm shifts. For me the beauty of your philosophy stems from it’s simplistic and common sense approach to enhancing our daily lives.

Your presentation style is an infectious combination of humour and down to earth common sense, which is so often missed in most motivation talks on ‘well-being’. ”
Bruce Lello
Regional Executive Manager Discovery Marketing

Mary-Ann’s aim is to demonstrate how simple it is to be more productive and healthy, and to this end she offers practical, manageable steps that anyone can follow. She focuses on what you can do, not on what you can’t. She shows how change comes about through making small, simple adjustments – success does not depend on a lifetime of deprivation. Her message is much needed as the ‘BIG 3’ (Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer) has reached epidemic proportions worldwide and people can no longer afford to be sick!]

Commonly Requested Presentations

1. Finding the Balance
Life is a juggling act; take your eye off the ball and you drop the lot! Together, Mary-Ann and husband Mark, address the tricky art of juggling the various aspects of life successfully! They look at 10 key areas that help you to find the balance and to achieve a healthier, happier more productive life. (90 minutes)

2. Take Control
Feel like your life is coming apart at the seams, and that your work, relationships, finances and health are suffering? If your answer is “Yes”, then your life is out of control and you need to take charge. Find out how a few easy steps can help you to take control again and live life to the full. (40-90 minutes)

3. Back on Track!
Having a problem getting out of bed? Hate to know what the rest of your day is like! Mary-Ann will have you leaping out of bed and bounding around with energy before you know it. With the help of just 5 easy steps, she guides you back on track to a fully productive life. (30-90 minutes.)

4. Losing your Mind?
Lost your motivation…feeling depressed…kids, dog, next-door neighbour and boss driving you nuts? Let Mary-Ann show you how to listen to your body and learn how your diet and lifestyle directly affect your mind, motivation and mental well being. (30-60 minutes.)

5. Fast Food and Fast Health
We live in the fast lane at a fast pace eating fast foods. But it all ads up to slowing us down! Mary-Ann shows how to manage your health in the fast lane by highlighting three steps to amazing health. She makes it fun and easy to be healthy in the fastest possible time. (30-45 minutes.)

6. Monsters and Angels OR Delinquents to Darlings
You were convinced that all children are born healthy, good and angelic. Now you have your own and they are impossible, sickly, and may even have learning difficulties. Let Mary-Ann help you identify some common problems and you too can have a healthy little (or big) angel. (60-90 minutes)

7. Happy Hormones
Mood swings, premenstrual tension, menopause, allergies, gout and arthritis. Believe it or not they are all a results of hormones out of balance. Throw in heart, kidney, liver and lung problems, cancer, skin and digestive problems and very few health problems are not influenced by hormones. Mary-Ann points you down the path to happy hormonal health. (30-120 minutes)

8. Sneezing and Aching
Allergies and Arthritis! What do these two have in common? More than you think! Mary-Ann explains in layman’s terms how to get rid of common health problems including sinusitis, post nasal drips, dermatitis, and the general aches and pains we think are just part of life. (60 minutes.)

9. Perfect Weight
Does your bathroom scale throw you into a fit of depression? Let Mary-Ann show you The Natural Way to attain perfect weight by focusing on gaining your health – then you can go out and bury your scale forever! (60 minutes.)

10.Lost your shirt lately?
Or “How to survive losing everything”. Mark and Mary-Ann share their secrets of surviving the loss of a business doing millions, betrayal by a business partner, personal insolvency with the loss of all material assets and a serious family crisis. Find out how their marriage, family relationships and health became even stronger and what principles they have put into practice in order to bring balance and contentment to their lives. From 60 minutes to 1½ day seminar.

11.Sex, Drugs and Cinnamon Rolls
Or “Moods, Medication and Meals and the effect they have on marriages”. What have happy relationships to do with food and pills?

You eating habits could be the cause of your unhappiness and not your husband, wife, or boss! Increase your productivity, quality of life and libido as Mary-Ann guides you through the effects food has on relationships, stress & sex.

12.Dem Dry Bones.
A good look at what actually causes osteoporosis and what you can do about it. Practical advice in this sea of confusion

13.The Naked Truth about health
Are you confused about your health? Drowning in information over load to the point where you have given up? Let Mary-Ann expose some of the myths and misconceptions around cholesterol, calcium, supplementation, HRT etc so that you can make clear decisions not based on financial gain for some one else and loss of health and wealth to you.
14.Cancer – It’s causes and cures Mary-Ann takes you through this life changing talk, which gives you clear guidelines as to WHY we get Cancer, what causes it and what you can do to NOT get cancer!